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PP Hollow Sheet

PP hollow sheet (Polypropylene Hollow Sheet) is a raw material blended with polyethylene, extruded through the hollow board production line, the cross-section of the board is lattice-like, so it is also called hollow grid board.

Now, it is possible to create many things with PP hollow sheet. With PP hollow sheet's waterproof properties, food and beverage safety, flexibility, sturdiness and ease of processing, it is suitable for all kinds of different industries as well as for personal use.

Products describe


1. Good mechanical properties:

Strong intergarity strength, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning and shockproof, high rigidity and good bending properties.

2. Light weight and material saving:

Due to the excellent mechanical properties and hollow structure, the PP hollow board can reach the same standard as other materials with less consumables, low-cost and light weight.

3. Heat & Sound Insulation:

Due to the hollow structure of PP hollow board, the heat and sound transmission effect is obviously lower than solid plate, creating good heat insulation and sound insulation effect.

4. The hollow board types are diverse:

Using modification, mixing, surface spraying and other process methods can make PP hollow board in different types with different permances, like anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant etc .

5. Stable chemical performance:

PP hollow board can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, pest and insect-resistant, fumigation, colorfast.

6. Smooth surface with rich colors:

Thanks to the special molding process of PP hollow board, any color can be achieved, with smooth surface, easy to print.

7. Eco-friendly and recyclable:

PP hollow board is non-toxic, pollution-free  and easy to be made into other plastic by recycling.


PP Hollow Board

1. Industrial products packaging turnover box

Electronic components, mechenical parts, delicate equipments, plastic products etc.

2. Case and bag supporting board
Case and bag lining board, case and bag backing board, partition board.

3. Food & drinks industry
Glass bottle plate, bottle support, canned products clapboard, milk packaging etc.

4. Machinery industry
Machine cushioning plate.

5. Advertising industry
PP hollow board display signs, display rack, advertising board etc.

6. Home decoration
Ceiling, grille, toilet partition walls etc.

7. Furniture industry
Tea table mat board, furniture protection board.

8. Agriculture
All kinds of fruit boxes, vegetable boxes, pesticide boxes, food boxes, greenhouse roof etc.

9. Stationery and sports products

Smart blackboard, file bags etc. 

10. Automobile industry:
Steering-wheel pad, tailgate plate etc..

11. Electrical industry:
Refrigerator washing machine back plate, partition.\

12. Baby products industry:
Children’s intelligent hurdles and pads.

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