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PP Bubble Guard Board

PP Bubble Guard Sheet & Board has triple layers of virgin polypropylene sheets with plain layers on either sides and a middle core layer having thermoformed bubbles/cones. These bubbles/cones are welded together with specialized technique to get a strong, rigid and composite structure which offers remarkable mechanical strength/properties.


Made from eco-friendly polypropylene, Bubble Guard Sheet is made with a special bubble structure to provide high stiffness and rigidity with bi-directional strength not seen in other products such as flute or corrugated board. The face is extremely flat and smooth and has an excellent white point.


The product has many applications, and can be extensively used as an alternative to flute and Foam PVC. The product is now produced in China under stricter quality control and can now be laser printed both sides with customized logo or slogan. To quote a regular user of this product, “It is one of the best stay flat products we have ever used”. It is ideal for flatbed digital printing, resulting in amazing quality finishes at a cost-effective price point.

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Characteristics and Main Advantages:

a). Extremely light in weight agianst foam board, wood or aluminum board.

b). Smooth and plain flat surface on either sides.

c). Available in various attractive colors, which offers high aesthetic value.

d). Excellent printability and lamination.

e). Excellent shock absorption and cushioning because of the bubbles.

f ). Excelent substitute for fluted board, foam boards, wood, steel, particle board etc.

g). Equal strength in both derections.

h). High compression & impact strength

i ). Reusable for multiple transits or storage for longer time to protect goods.

j ). Impermeable to moisture and water, no deterioation of strength and structure of material.

k). Can be cut, creased, die-cut, heat welded and ultrasonically welded.

l ). Strong and durable,non-toxic and eco-friendly.

m). Recyclable ( being thermoplastic) for other usages or processed without major degradation.

n). Bubbles don't burst/ rupture and hence don't affect performance.

o). Speciatly laminates available for specific end users, viz. Printed/ Plain PP Films, Non-wovenor Woven PP Fabrics, EPE Foam, Metallized PP Film,  PP Coated Aluminum Foil, PP Coated Paper/ Carpets/ Fabrics, etc.

p). Resistance to most chemical agents.

q). Termite and insect proof.

r). Special grades available, e.g. UV Grade, Antistatic Grade and Fire Retardant Grade.


a). Storage bins/ boxes/ crates for inter-departmental material handling.

b). Returnable/ reusable transportation & transit boxes for static free components, electronic parts, sub-assemblies, outsourced parts, delicate euipment or parts, semi-finished parts, packing materials, dies etc.

c). Foldable and collapsible boxes.

d). Boxes for Pharma kits, electronic kits, instruments, sample kits, tool kits, etc.

e). Substitute for wooden or paper packaging boxes.

f ). Particle boards, internal partitions/ separators/ liners.

g). Cushioning paddings for sheet glass, heavy equipment, support paddings, construction protection for floor or wall.

h). In-house or transit and strorage pallets.

i ). Paddings for suiting/ shirting/ dress material wrappings and yam packaging.

j). Thermoformed articles, die-punched industrial components.


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