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PP Hollow Board Replace Cardboard

PP Hollow Sheet is one of the most flexible packaging material widely used on the market. The main component of pp hollow sheet is polypropylene, which is highly pure hydrocarbons, non-toxic, anti-chemical, no hazardous materials and environmentally friendly. In addition PP Hollow Sheet can be recycled, long lasting, washable and reusable. PP Hollow Sheet of corrugated plastic sheet / board is proven that it fits in the use for packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries etc. Packaging for the food, beverage, billboards, hamster and rabbit cages, etc., place of stationery, a place to store medicine etc.

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Plastic hollow board (also known as hollow partition board, Wantong board, double wall board, corrugated board) is made of modern chemical HDPE and HDPE materials. It is a new type of material with light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, and rich colors. 

Compared with cardboard structure products, hollow board has the advantages of moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, and lighter to replace cardboard. Compared with injection products, hollow plates have the advantages of shock resistance, flexible structure design, and no need to open injection molds. At the same time, the plate can be flexibly added with anti-static and conductive masterbatch through the control of raw materials to produce plastic hollow plate with conductive and anti-static functions. The surface resistivity of anti-static plate can be controlled between 103 and 1011.


The plastic hollow plate is non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light in weight, gorgeous in appearance, rich in color, and pure. The thickness is 2-12mm, the width is 2300mm (depending on the equipment door), turnover box, folding box, knife clip, tray, etc. It can be made into anti-static, conductive and other products with different sizes and styles according to customer requirements.


Hollow board products are extruded from polypropylene raw materials, which is a new structural material. It is light, tough, non-toxic and tasteless, beautiful, pressure resistant, moisture-proof, smooth in appearance, and oil stain resistant. The material has stable performance and is not easy to age. It is an excellent alternative packaging material meeting the requirements of the new century.            

Hollow board products can be recycled to reduce packaging and transportation costs. The defective products can be repaired and maintained, and the scrapped products can be recycled. Widely used in electronics, hardware, advertising, logistics, medicine and other industries.


PP Hollow Board Replace CardboardPP Hollow Board Replace Cardboard


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