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New Welding Technology for Thick Insulation Boards

Oct. 28, 2022

²  Combinations of different insulation materials are possible.

²  Contactless, thermal welding process.

²  Various range of applications and product combinations.


BASF has worked with a machine manufacturer to develop a new technology for welding insulation boards. The contactless, thermal welding process makes it possible to combine a variety of insulation materials. For example, Styrodur, the extruded rigid polystyrene foam, can be combined with polyurethane, inorganic insulation materials, or a melamine resin foam to form completely new insulation material combination.


Advantages for the construction industry


Architects and planners benefit from the new possibilities: the traditional advantages of the Styrodur board, such as low water absorption and high compressive strength, can be combined with the desirable properties of other building products. BASF has already patented a range of applications and product combinations. On this basis, the company is seeking to develop new applications in building insulation together with interested partners.


Highly compression-proof boards (XPS) up to 240 mm available


The company also announced that its Styrodur (XPS) range now also includes especially thick boards made using this process in the highly compression-proof varieties Styrodur 4000 CS and 5000 CS. The boards cover the thickness range from 60 mm to 240 mm with a consistently good insulation value (lambda: 0.035 W/(m·K)).


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