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LWRT (Lightweight reinforced thermoplastic)

LWRT is short for Lightweight reinforced thermoplastic, it is a new GMT(Glass-Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics)material. LWRT is a composite material made of glass fiber and polypropylene fiber through package opening, carding, mesh laying, acupuncture and hot pressing. The surface is often covered with fabric or film surface. Compared with traditional GMT material, LWRT composite materials can greatly reduce the quality and cost of components and improve the acoustic resistance performance. At the same time, LWRT material also retains the characteristics of traditional GMT material, such as high specific strength, low thermal conductivity, small size change rate and recyclability.

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1. Environmental performance:

LWRT board is made of glass fiber and polypropylene, so it has excellent environmental performance. Compared with PU or hemp board, it has no benzene, aldehyde, phenolic and other harmful substances remaining and volatilized. LWRT plate interior decoration at 90℃ for 16 hours, no peculiar smell. The product can be recycled, is the real environmental protection green products.

2. Safety performance:

LWRT board has good flame retardant performance, the combustion speed is less than 30mm/min, fully meet the gb8410-1994 requirements of less than 100mm/min, glass fiber for the production of products by impact rupture, is obtuse Angle, toughness of the crack, has a protective effect on the human body.

3. Physical properties:

LWRT board has good tensile strength, bending strength, good impact resistance, various properties far more than hemp fiber board, wood powder board and polyurethane materials. At the same time LWRT sheet fluffy mesh structure also has excellent heat insulation and sound absorption performance.

4. Mechanical properties:

LWRT has good mechanical properties, high bending strength, good impact toughness, 1000g/m2 LWRT plate and 1500g/m2 hemp fiber plate strength is similar.

5. Product performance:

LWRT board after heating, the thickness can expand to more than 4 times the thickness of the plate thickness, can shape uneven thickness and simple shape of the product, product shaped after no rebound, good dimensional stability.


The LWRT material is suitable for the manufacture of car bottom shield protection device, load-bearing plate, roof lining, door decoration, luggage rack, roof molding, engine cover and trunk cover.

LWRT (Lightweight reinforced thermoplastic)


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