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Glass-mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT) Board

Glass-mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT), introduced in the mid-1960s, is one of the most active composite materials development in the world. This is a kind of composite material which is based on thermoplastic resin and reinforced by long glass fiber felt or continuous fiber felt. GMT has the advantages of material and technological properties, and can be implemented in large-scale production, so it plays a great role in replacing traditional materials.

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1. The molding process simple cycle short, easy to achieve large-scale production

GMT material can be molded into a variety of products, compared with thermosetting sheet molding plastic SMC products, its production cycle is shorter, production efficiency is higher, can be high-speed automated production is particularly suitable for the production of large batch material products.

2. Easy to integrate design

Many parts can be designed as a whole and become a single part with multiple functions, thus greatly improving the production and assembly efficiency of parts.

3. The material can be recycled and reused

After simple treatment, the leftover material of GMT and the old GMT material products can be used to produce GMT sheet again, which can not only improve the utilization efficiency of the material, but also reduce waste and avoid pollution to the environment. Therefore, this material is called "green material". This is a prominent advantage of GMT materials, which will be conducive to GMT materials in the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the future occupy a broad material market. In general, GMT can be recycled multiple times.

4. The local damage of products is easy to repair

After the local damage of GMT material product, the damaged part and the resin of repair material are fused by heating, then it can be repaired by cooling after heating.

5. Light weight and good mechanical properties

The density of GMT material can be controlled at about 1.1, with tensile strength up to 80MPa, bending strength up to 130MPa and good impact resistance (impact strength of notched cantilever beam up to 650J/m).


Glass-mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT) Board

1. Application in automobile industry

GMT material is especially suitable for the automotive industry due to its light weight, good impact toughness, easy molding, short cycle and suitable for mass production.

(1) Used in the production of buses:

Front panel, ceiling, route display board, engine compartment cover, battery box, window frame, driver door, passenger door, radiator cover, fender, instrument panel, fence, front lamp holder, protection panel.

(2) Used in the production of truck:

Cab, door, hood, buffer (bumper).

(3) Used in the production of four-wheel light vehicle:

Door, hood, front cover, radiator fan blade, door handle, front lamp holder, axle cap, instrument panel.

(4) Used in the production of motorcycle:

Motorcycle engine side board, fender, motorcycle luggage rack, cooling fan, brake lever.

(5) Used in the production of train:

Window frame, shutter, axle box cover, battery box, bathroom floor, roof, bathroom sink, distribution box, ceiling vent, fan blade, window sill, storage tank.

2. Other applications

In the construction of the protective plate, in the packaging industry for the preparation of chemical storage, turnover boxes and containers.


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