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FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) honeycomb composite panel

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) honeycomb composite panel is a light and strong sandwich panel. It is the composite glass fiber on the surface of PP honeycomb core, combined with the original special structure of PP core material, so that the glass fiber reinforced honeycomb board products have excellent performance in physical and chemical properties.

Products describe


1. Light weight:

Because of the special honeycomb structure, the density is relatively small and the weight is very light. Using glass fiber honeycomb panel material to manufacture the body, the light and high strength panel can effectively reduce the dead weight of the transport vehicle, improve the speed and load ratio of the transport vehicle.

2. High strength:

Strong impact resistance, can absorb the external force, and reduce the damage caused by impact, collision, etc.

3. Waterproof:

The difference with wood board is that this material is well sealed, impermeable and watertight, and does not absorb water even if the surface is damaged.

4. Strong resistance to chemical erosion:

Because of the characteristics of the raw material, it can be used in the environment with high water content and strong corrosion for a long time.

5. Good sound insulation performance:

It can effectively reduce and block the transmission of sound; it can be used as the basic material for sound insulation equipment of transportation vehicles with high noise, such as yachts, cars, motor cars, and the use of decoration materials in noisy places.

6. Easy to assemble:

Assembly is very convenient, low cost, can be assembled with screws, hollow rivets, can also be bonded or hot-melt welding.

7. Strong temperature tolerance:

the board is a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic material with a wide range of temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃

8. Workability is wide:

The surface of bare board can be painted, anti-skid and other treatments to meet the special requirements of customers; it can be compounded with different plates (such as wood grain board, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, marble plate, rubber plate, etc.).


1. It is widely used in the interior decoration of the shell, ceiling partition, deck, floor and other transportation vehicles such as yachts, automobiles and trains.

2. It can be used for the construction of docks and the manufacture of floating rafts at sea.

3. Because of the permeability of the product, it can be used in the production of the fountain.4. Activated carbon can be used in air filtration and purification equipment.

5. It can be used for kitchen counters, cabinets, suitcases and bags, electronic whiteboard on the back of the chair, etc.

6. It can replace traditional materials on a large scale and be applied to van trucks, high-speed rail, aerospace, yacht, household, mobile construction and other fields.


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