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What applications does pp have in the automotive sector? What is the problem?

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What problems do PP (polypropylene) need to solve in the automotive field?

There are two main problems with the widespread use of PP in the automotive sector: flammability (which will drip off the combustion) and brittleness in low temperature environments.

In response to these two problems, PP is modified by adding suitable additives in industrial applications:

(1) It is easy to burn to add flame retardant;

(2) Brittleness in low temperature environment, mainly by adding other tough materials, rigid particles or elastomers for various modification and toughening, such as rubber (EPDM), talc (TD), glass fiber (GF).


What applications of PP (polypropylene) in the automotive sector?

The application of PP in automobiles is on the rise. At present, there are many auto parts and components made of PP, including various instrument panels, door guards, pillar guards, bumpers, water tanks, etc.

In addition, in order to meet the requirements of lightweight, low odor, sound insulation, weather resistance, etc., PP is modified, extruded, die-cut or hot-molded glass fiber reinforced PP board, PP honeycomb board,paper honeycomb Plates and other plates can be used in the automotive field for preparation: spare tire cover, seat back plate, vehicle coat rack, trunk cover, skylight, passenger car roof, truck compartment, etc.