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What are the advantages of PP honeycomb panels as packaging materials?

2019-06-28 14:28:59 PP Honeycomb Board_POLYROCKS CO.,LTD visits:

When PP honeycomb panels are used as packaging materials, they have the following advantages:


(1) In the delivery and transportation, when the beverage bottle mouth is in contact with the honeycomb panel, no paper dust particles are generated, no paper dust particles are generated, which ensures the product quality and ensures smooth delivery.

(2) PP honeycomb panels can be cleaned, can be used many times, and the packaging cost is greatly reduced.

(3) PP honeycomb panels are not afraid of water and can be used in wet weather.

(4)honeycomb panels have a long service life and are used repeatedly. Use 50 times, that is, save 66%.The honeycomb tray is calculated at 19 yuan/piece. If it is used 25 times, the cost is 0.73 yuan per time, which is 33% less than the paper tray. If used 50 times, the cost per time is 0.37 yuan, which is 68% less than the paper tray.

(5)PP honeycomb sheet can be added according to customer's needs in the production according to customer needs to make the honeycomb panel conductive or anti-static characteristics, the application range is more extensive.