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What are the advantages of PP honeycomb panel enclosures compared to ordinary cartons?

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Compared with ordinary carton and ordinary hollow crate, the coaming box made of PP honeycomb panel has the following major advantages:

1. Due to the special structure of PP honeycomb panel enclosure, it is light, economical and durable. Under normal circumstances, it can be recycled more than 100 times.

2, PP honeycomb panel enclosure can be waterproof and moisture-proof, effectively avoid collapse, not easy to break, physical and chemical properties are very good, anti-temperature and anti-aging is very strong.

3, PP honeycomb panel enclosure can be cleaned, the product surface is smooth, and can print a variety of beautiful patterns. After repeated use, the appearance is neat, and the transport product can be folded back after being shipped to the customer, which can greatly reduce the packaging cost and save storage space.

4, PP honeycomb crates can be used repeatedly for repeated use, defective products can be repaired and utilized, scrap products can be recycled and rebuilt, the items are safe and convenient in the process of turnover, transportation and storage, the service life is extremely long, and the service life is 50 times that of traditional cartons.

Guangdong POLYROCKS Co., Ltd. completed the GMT board production and processing line in the first half of 2017, and completed the installation and commissioning of the blown sheet production equipment by the end of 2017.At present, POLYROCKS has built a production line of PP honeycomb panels, GMT panels and blown-sheet production and processing lines, and has become a professional PP honeycomb panel manufacturer and a medium- and low-end passenger car luggage compartment interior assembly solution service provider for passenger cars.

POLYROCKS has built PP honeycomb panels for automotive interiors, which are suitable for the production of interior parts such as automobile spare tire cover,seat back panel and passenger car roof. We provide a wide range of interior accessories for passenger cars and buses for the global market to meet the needs of OEMs at home and abroad.

For more information, please visit the POLYROCKS Plate International website: www.honeycomboard.com