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Is the "water hydrogen" technology a hype? The origins and principles behind it are revealed

2019-05-29 16:34:42 PP Honeycomb Board_POLYROCKS CO.,LTD visits:

 Last week, a "water hydrogen technology" released by a "Youth Automobile" announced the concept of real-time hydrogen production from on-board water. As soon as this news came out, the "water and hydrogen concept" was rumored overnight and was controversial in the new energy automobile industry. On May 24, the Nanyang City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology immediately responded that the water and hydrogen fuel products of the Youth Automobile Company had not been certified and accepted. The news was reported by the reporter. For a time, "the car can run with water" has become a network laughing. So, where does the concept of "hydrogen" come from? What is the principle of "hydrogen" power generation? This article exposes the truth for everyone:

The origin of the concept of "hydrogen"

Just as the outside world was puzzled, Guangdong Heide Energy Technology Co., Ltd. also rumored and declared this. The statement said that the concept of "water and hydrogen" was first introduced in the joint energy technology, initiated by Dr. Xiang Hua, chairman of Guangdong Heide Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and has been researching this for many years. However, it is still in the research stage. Not excessive disclosure. It is said that the concept of youth car plagiarism for capital speculation, will resort to the law and fight against the youth car face-to-face debate.

Guangdong Heidede Company proposed that its essence is methanol reforming hydrogen production + purification + low-temperature fuel cells, the technical path is the same, but the prospect of industrialization of vehicles is still controversial.



The principle of "water hydrogen" power generation

According to Guangdong Heide Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the principle of the water hydrogen machine is to use methanol and water to produce hydrogen through multiple catalytic reforming and then use hydrogen to generate clean energy.

At present, hydrogen production from methanol is a well-known and well-known technology, and power generation using hydrogen is also a well-known and well-known technology. However, after hydrogen production and before power generation, it is necessary to store hydrogen, or to compress tanks, or to store gas stations, or to transport pipes, etc. According to the introduction to Hua Boshi, the hydrogen and hydrogen mechanism is directly under low pressure. In the state, it is converted into a current. When power generation is stopped, hydrogen production is stopped at the same time. This concept is called "hydrogen is not seen with hydrogen." However, at present, this technology has not begun large-scale testing and trials because of disputes.