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What are the advantages of long glass fiber reinforced PP in automotive applications?

2019-05-15 17:28:09 PP Honeycomb Board_POLYROCKS CO.,LTD visits:

Long glass fiber reinforced PP injection molding technology, successfully used in the production of automotive front-end modules and door module carriers. This technology has the following two advantages:


(1) Material modification of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, that is, using an ultra-low melt viscosity polypropylene resin (resin melt flow rate of 300 g/10 min), so that the glass fiber wrapped therein is in the injection molding process A small screw is used to push the shearing force to reduce the length loss of the glass fiber, and a polypropylene resin with a high crystal structure is added to ensure the strength of the injection molded part.

Through the modification of the resin blending, the contradiction between the fluidity of the material and the strength of the product is solved, and the mechanical properties of the flexural modulus, bending strength and impact strength of the long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (LGFPP) after blending and modification are three mechanical properties. It has the same performance as glass mat reinforced polypropylene (GMT), and its fluidity is also 30% higher than that of ordinary glass reinforced polypropylene (FGPP).

(2) Improvement of the injection molding process, that is, by improving the geometry of the screw, such as deepening the groove, widening the pitch of the screw, optimizing the design of the screw head, and expanding the hot runner to make the glass fiber reinforced resin The smooth flow during the injection process reduces the high shear force of the resin during the plasticizing process, thereby reducing the length of the glass fiber.

Under the condition of using long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene raw materials, the average low glass fiber length of the improved low shear screw injection molded article is 1.7 times of the average glass fiber length obtained by the ordinary screw injection molded article.