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With the development of new energy vehicles, the weight of the car body is urgent

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The same “weight reduction” topic exists in the automotive industry. In recent years, as new energy vehicles have mushroomed, it is imperative to reduce weight, because weight reduction can effectively reduce development costs. Fuel consumption, reduced emissions and increased handling. Tests have shown that for every 10% reduction in weight, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6%-8%, emissions can be reduced by about 10%, and there are significant benefits in reducing braking distance, steering force and acceleration time, and improving tire life. 


What is the specific weight of the body?

Lightweight body means that the car's own safety, crashworthiness, shock resistance and comfort performance are not reduced, and the weight of the car body is reduced. There is a term in the academic field called the body lightweight coefficient, the weight factor takes into account the body torsional stiffness, body size, quality level, and the coefficient introduces the concept of torsional stiffness, so that developers can understand a car through the lightweight factor. NVH performance and handling.

The key points of lightweight body

1. The rapid rise of new energy vehicles has made the demand for lightweight body more strong. The weight reduction of the car body is beneficial to control costs, improve vehicle performance and reduce energy consumption.

2, body weight loss: material selection is the foundation, design and development is the hub, advanced manufacturing technology and connection technology is the link, the three complement each other, indispensable.

3, lightweight is not simply to reduce the weight of the car, not "subtraction", how to balance costs and weight loss, is the direction that each OEM needs to study in depth.