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The application of honeycomb board

The application of honeycomb board

• automotive applications

PP honeycomb board can be widely used in the middle and high grade passenger car and the van of the luggage cover board, the suitcase partition board, the luggage carpet substrate, side wall decorative plate, ceiling, body and other parts.

· application of logistics box

PP honeycomb board is light and easy to assemble, so it can also be used in the air transfer box.

· container applications

PP honeycomb plate has high temperature resistance, strong adaptability to environment, strong plasticity and easy to assemble.

· application of architectural decoration.

Because of its low density (0.3 g/cm3), but the intensity is high, and the sound insulation performance, PP honeycomb panel can replace the conventional PVC foam board, building templates, wall decorative plate made interior architecture decoration use, it is the best choice to use plastic instead of wood..

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