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Development status of electric vehicle industry in China

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This article with you to understand the current development of the electric vehicle industry, mainly from the electric vehicle industry industry scale, technical level, enterprise development, supporting environment and supporting policies in five aspects to analyze, I hope you have a deeper understanding of the current development of the electric vehicle industry.

(1) Industry size

In recent years, China's electric vehicle production and sales continue to grow, firmly ranked first in the world. 2018 years ago, in the three quarter, the National Electric vehicle production and sales completed 735,000 and 721,000 vehicles respectively, an increase of 73% and 81.1% respectively over a year earlier. Among them, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles were 555,000 and 541,000, respectively, and the production and sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 180,000 and 181,000 respectively. 2018 years ago, in the three quarter, China's electric vehicle production accounted for 3.6% of the total automobile production that year.

(2) Technical level

The battery energy density gradually increased and the car's mileage increased significantly. At present, China's mainstream electric vehicle models have reached 300 kilometers of mileage, some models have a mileage of more than 400 kilometers.According to research, in the third quarter of 2018, China's leading enterprises power battery monomer energy density reached 250 watts/kg or more, the cost of power battery system in 1.2 yuan/Washi.With the expansion of the battery industry and the acceleration of the application of emerging technologies, the energy density of power batteries continues to improve, the cost is still declining, is expected to exceed the relevant planning set of the 2020 target.

(3) Enterprise development

The strength of electric vehicle enterprises in China is obviously enhanced. At present, China's electric vehicle vehicle, power Battery backbone Enterprises R & amp; d investment accounted for more than 8%, BYD, Baic, SAIC, Chery and other electric vehicle enterprises have established a sound electric vehicle forward development system, the dominant enterprise scale effect began to appear.

(4) Supporting environment

The charging network is being gradually optimized. As of July 2018, a total of 275,000 public charging piles were built nationwide, an increase of 52% on a year earlier, the installation rate of private piles for new users was close to 80%, and the main profit from charging operations came from three parts of service charge, power spread and value-added services.At the same time, charging operators to form a agglomeration effect, according to China's charging alliance statistics, as of June 2018, the public charging pile operation Scale of more than 1000 units of charging pile enterprises have 16.Among them, the number of special calls operating charging piles is 112,000, the number of charging piles in the National Grid is 56,500, and the amount of stars charging is 44,000.

(5) Supporting policies

Government policies have gradually landed and new energy vehicle subsidies have been put in place. Subsidies for pure electric passenger cars in the 2018 tilted towards high energy density and long mileage, while the downhill mechanism of subsidies was implemented,China's central government has once again arranged a relay policy, introduced the "average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and the parallel management measures for new energy vehicle points" ("Double Integral" policy), stipulates that traditional energy passenger car enterprises need to assess new energy vehicle points,When the company's points are insufficient, it can be compensated by producing points or purchasing new energy points for new energy vehicles.